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Marketplace with payments in cryptocurrencies

Feel the full freedom of buying where you want and what you want! Discover brand new world of online shopping, where in one place you will find an offer of hundreds of online shops and pay with cryptocurrencies for the first time. OneMillion Shop platform is a revolutionary and world unique solution, thanks to which using cryptocurrencies and paying with them has become simple and safe. Thanks to collection in one place an offer of hundreds of shops, our marketplace not only enables you to find better offers and promotions. It also allows you to save the time you wasted while searching through offers of many shops.

Our innovative OneMillion Shop is also a guarantee of safety – each shop that sells through our platform must undergo a thorough and detailed verification in order to make your shopping experience safer than ever before. No more uncertainty and risk while shopping in an unknown store.

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Our aim is for our system to provide new possibilities and help you develop - never limit. This is why we give the seller on our platform full freedom to decide whether they want to settle the payments in cryptocurrencies or in traditional currencies.

Security of transactions and protection of the buyers.

In OneMillion we know that every change may cause natural worries, and that for many of our clients the world of cryptocurrencies is still distant and unknown. This fact has encouraged us to invest in safety of shopping and education more than anybody in the world. In order to change the world, we do need to make it better for others – this is more important for us than anything else, and this is why we have put extra pressure on safety of both buyers and sellers by creating many unique solutions.


We have implemented KYC procedure

Each of us, trying for example to get a loan in a bank, must undergo a thorough and voluntary verification of the bank. We use the same procedure in case of each new customer and legal entity. 


We have implemented AML procedure

Anti Money Laundering (AML) is a set of various procedures. Their aim is to prevent money laundering. The issues that are especially monitored: frequency of transactions, their value, the countries participating in the transactions (in particular the countries that are subject to embargo).


SSL Certificate

Our platform has been operating based on a connection encrypted with a 256-bit key (TLS 1.3), which gives several billion combinations and can effectively protect the data of our users.


The creation of OMS

For thousands of years trade and dreams have been the basis of development. This is what we started with.

Cryptocurrencies the the popularization of their use are here to stay and we know it. Our dream for many years has been to create a brand new solution that will allow people who have cryptocurrencies to be finally able to use all of the opportunities they give. We saw in cryptocurrencies not only their great potential for development but also the future of shopping, investments and trading in assets for all the people around the world. This is why in 2016 we started working on a shopping platform connecting sellers with clients all over the world that will enable to settle transactions in cryptocurrencies.

Notice! Until further notice all sellers who will finalize sale on OneMillion Shop platform will not pay commission from sale.

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