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Our Partnership Program was created with the main intention of supporting the development of the whole OneMillion Ecosystem. Its task is to provide constant flow of new users and clients to OneMillion Shop platform and MONx Token buyers. Thanks to this program each user of our Ecosystem gets a possibility to earn through commission granted for recommendations and not only support the development of a brand new market but also build passive income for years.

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One Ecosystem - Many possibilities

Our Partnership Program offers many new methods of earning and you have full freedom of choice. You can sell our services directly or build a multi level structure and generate profit from the work the people on lower levels of your structure do. You can also earn by encouraging others to buy our MONx cryptocurrency – especially if you have your social media community (Facebook or Youtube).

All you need to do is log into the Partnership Program and share your unique reference link. Since then, each person you enters the program through this link and opens an account will always be connected to your profile. Any time this person makes a transaction or activity within the Program, you will receive commission.
Full list of the methods to earn in OneMillion Partnership Program:

Invite sellers to join OMS

In our sales platform OneMillionShop the seller pay commission for each completed transaction. If the shop was opened through your Reference Link, you will receive even PLN 80 and 16 MONx one time, and you will always receive part of the commission – as long as the shop continues to sell.

Inviting sellers to OMS is one of the best methods of building passive income.

Recommend investments in MONx

Each of the system users has an opportunity to buy MONx cryptocurrencies and we strongly encourage you to do that (you can learn more from the website about MONx Token). We also guarantee all our users access to an extended base of knowledge connected with investments and cryptocurrencies use.

If the user who makes a purchase of MONx Tokens opens an account through your reference link, you will receive a 10% commission from the value of this sale. Such direct sale is one of the basic tools that allow you to earn in OneMillion partnership program.

Build a structure of MONx investments recommendations

Building a structure works in the following way: if the person who opened an account through your Reference Link will also join the Partnership Program and share their Reference Link to other people, you will receive commission from the sale those people generate.

Ranks for the best!

Can you build the selling structure successfully? Pay attention to the Ranks – they will be the key elements in our Partnership Program and they will help you not only generate additional income but can also completely change your life.

How do Ranks work? It is so simple!
The basis for gaining Ranks are the stars which correspond to the sales levels you reach. The bigger is the sale your team generates, the more stars you gain and the higher Rank you receive.

Each Ranks means bigger commission and additional gifts such as iPhone, Macbook and even 30% funding for purchasing new cars such as VW Arteon or Audi A6!

Mechanism of withdrawing resources

All the resources collected thanks to the commission you gained will be placed in your wallet and then split into three accounts:

  • Withdrawal account
    45% of your resources can be exchanged into USDT cryptocurrency, which means they can be redeemed for cash.
  • OMS account
    45% of the resources collected are available in the system to be used on OMS platform for any kind of shopping – thanks to shopping with MONx you can receive additional discounts! In this way we take care of the reinvesting process and circulation of MONx cryptocurrency which increases its value.
  • TRON wallet
    The remaining 10% of resources is automatically exchanged into MONx Tokens and added to your cryptocurrency wallet.

The points you gain are exchanged into USDT cryptocurrency.

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