Utility Token MONx

Utility Token MONx

Our MONx Token (MillionCoinX) was based on a known and verified Tron network. Thanks to that we got an opportunity to perform transactions swiftly and safely between the wallets in the whole OneMillion Ecosystem and outside of it.

The main task of MONx token is to enable our users perform swift transactions within OneMillion Shop (OMS) – the platform for selling goods and services, as well as in OneMillion Trading Systems (OMTS) service, which enables automated multiplication of cryptocurrencies.

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For Users

Each of the Ecosystem users will be able to use MONx Tokens to:

Payments for additional capabilities on OM Trading Systems
Making payments in Ecosystem platforms
Exchange cryptocurrencies in our Exchange Office
Receive discounts in OM Shop
Buy subscriptions in the Ecosystem
The total number of MONx Tokens is 34,000,000 pieces and it is impossible to produce more of them.
It is a huge advantage which not only limits the speculation possibilities but also limits the supply and contributes to the token’s value increase. Each purchase of MONx tokens makes their number in circulation bigger, until all 34,000,000 pieces are used up.

Source in TRON network

While creating our MONx Token, we decided to use one of the best solutions available on the market – TRON network, thanks to which our cryptocurrency was created – MONx (TRC-10)

Everybody who has at least some experience with cryptocurrencies has heard of TRON network. Its originator is a Chinese entrepreneur – Justin Sun. The cryptocurrency he created – TRON (TRX) has a unique character, mostly because of an innovative approach to the issues of security and independence. It has more advantages – very low transfer fees and amazing speed which allows to perform 1,200 transactions per second. Tron network is one of the most frequently chosen basis for construction of tokens by different Entrepreneurs.

All those advantages made us choose TRON Network as a basis for our token and thanks to the hard and fruitful work of our team throughout the last years, we have received an official status of the Super Representative, which is a huge honor in the world of cryptocurrencies.


MONx token economy

The detailed plan of MONx token economy created by our experts is the key point in the development of the projects and it constitutes one of the pillars of the whole Ecosystem’s success. Sophisticated mechanism of tokens’ flow and their redistribution in the ecosystem is necessary for stable growth of their value. 


The whole platform was designed in a way that allows its particular elements to support the MONx token economy and to increase its value along with the increase of its usabilities (the opportunities to use the token by each user).


The most important points:

The demand for MONx Tokens will be created thanks to the increasing number of its usabilities in OneMillion Ecosystem.

The more ways to use tokens by the users, the bigger the interest and demand.

Presence of investors, for whom MONx Token is a financial instrument for short and long term investments.

In each case, such an investor will be interested in selling the token at a higher price than the one they paid, which will also increase the value of the token.

We have created an internal mechanism which will prevent an excessive number of holders in the Ecosystem, so that the tokens they hold will not have a negative influence on the value of our cryptocurrency.

The Ecosystem was created with the thought of real users and it will be always developed and enriched with new usabilities. Through that we will prevent excessive speculation, sudden fluctuations and we will decrease the scale of possible corrections.

We have created an extensive educational program, thanks to which each of our users will receive accessible knowledge about investments and cryptocurrencies.

Our MONx Token is also an excellent form of long term investment that we want to encourage our community to explore. The bigger the number of tokens out of use (by being kept in a wallet), the bigger its value, without a change to the demand.

Create an account with OneMillion Partners and receive a free 10 MONx Tokens!


Usabilities of MONx Token

While planning the construction of our OneMillion Ecosystem, we wished to create a Utility Token from the very start. As opposed to speculative tokens, a utility token gives much bigger possibilities to influence its value in a controlled manner, so it is less prone to market fluctuations, speculation or strong corrections.

MONx Token is used on each platform of our Ecosystem to exchange currencies, make payments, do the shopping, trade and activate additional services and system functionalities. Moreover, our team is still working on brand new functionalities. They will further increase the usability of the token and possibilities to use it in many different ways.

Designing and implementing new usabilities is one of the pillars of MONx Token economy. It guarantees more possibilities to use the token and, as a result, an increase of demand. 

Each owner of an account in our Ecosystem receives free access to OneMillionShop platform (OMS) – both as a buyer and a seller. Each company selling online can integrate their shop with OMS platform free of charge and gain a brand new sales channel.

Moreover, until the end of December 2020 each shop selling in OMS will not pay sales commission – this is why it is worth to join us now.