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One Million Revolution
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One Million Revolution
starts today

Revolution starts today

In OneMillion we believe that every person should have access to cryptocurrencies, knowledge about them and the possibility to use them.

OneMillion Project is not only the world-biggest shopping platform which already includes five hundred stores where we can pay with cryptocurrencies. It is a whole ecosystem based on our own digital currency - MONx. That to this we can exchange cryptocurrencies, trade them, invest, and even earn money in a unique Partnership Program.

Learn about the future. Learn about OneMillion.

OneMillion Shop

Discover the beauty of modern shopping

It is a groundbreaking online shopping solution - both for the clients and sellers. OneMillion Shop is a Digital Shopping Center that allows the clients to pay with cryptocurrencies while letting the stores settle the payment in a traditional currency. These are absolutely innovative, unavailable till now possibilities for all buyers and sellers.

Discover a revolutionary shopping platform which gives you more opportunities than ever before. OneMillionShop is the world-biggest digital shopping center where you can already find offers of more than five hundred different stores from many countries and pay for your shopping with one of a few digital currencies.

Learn about other advantages of OneMillionShop
OneMillion Partners

Recommend and earn cryptocurrencies. Simply and Safely.

Use the opportunities that OneMillion Ecosystem gives you and earn more thanks to simple recommendations. No norms and no duties - you work as much as you want and earn in the currency which value keeps growing! It is simple - the more you recommend, the more you earn and the digital currency you have earned can be exchanged to PLN, another digital currency or shopping at OneMillionShop.

Better life and new possibilities are at hand. You just need to dare and reach them.

Start earning more now
MONx Token

Digital currency of the future.

Discover the simplicity and safety of using cryptocurrencies and see how great opportunities they provide. MONx is our digital currency, thanks to which you can freely move around the whole OneMillion ecosystem - pay, earn and invest.

Just as Polish zloty (PLN) hold the Polish economy together, MONx holds the OneMillion Ecosystem economy together. It is free from govermental and banking influences, which gives many more opportunities and greater security. Check how safe it is and get your first MONx for free (the offer is time limited).

Open an account and get your MONx now.
OneMillion Trading Systems

Trade cryptocurrencies faster, cheaper and safer.

No more checking the charts every five minutes and missing great opportunities! OMTS is a perfect solution for each Trader - it saves time and increases the effectiveness of your work. Configure the system as you please and enjoy the effects of automatic transactions.

Trust our experience and huge computing power that will allow you to multiply your profits and save time.

Learn about all the functionalities of OMTS system
OneMillion Tokenize

Move your business to a higher level.

This innovative form of financing allows entrepreneurs to grow their business and gather additional financial resources. Thanks to business tokenization, which means creating own digital currency, you will be able to gather funds for a startup, a new project, or gather additional resources from the market just as if you were issuing stock shares - but faster and simpler. Tokenization is also an excellent way to make a lot of your business processes easier.

We can perform the tokenization of your current company, real estate, or even assets or a future venture, Talk to our expert.

Learn more about how it works!


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In OneMillionShop, sellers have complete freedom to decide whether they want to settle their sales in cryptocurrencies or in traditional currencies.
The total number of issued MONx is 34,000,000 and it is impossible to produce additional ones.
Precise planning of the MONx Token economy by our experts is a key point in the development of the project and is one of the pillars of the success of the entire Ecosystem.
A well thought-out mechanism of token flow and their redistribution in the ecosystem is necessary for a stable increase in their value.
The entire ecosystem has been designed in such a way that its individual elements mutually support the economy of the MONx Token and increase its value as the number of its usability increases.
In cryptocurrencies, we not only noticed the huge development potential, but also the future of purchases, investments and trading in the assets of all people in the world.

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